designer chuck taylor converse shoes

So comfy! I never take them off!
I can't believe how comfortable these briefs are. I like them so much I ordered a second package. Highly recommend this product.
good suspenders
Good quality. Husband loved it.
Product was a little big but very cute. If you smaller wrists, maybe not be for you.
Given as a gift. Recipient loves the pattern, and the feel of the leather. She tends to use smaller purses if she has to use one at all, and I was directed towards this one. I see no issue with the stitching, no pulled threads, and no bubbled or pulled away leather. Overall the quality seems there for the reasonable price. If it makes my recipient happy then it deserves every star it can get. Thank you.
Great shirts for the money
I could still see these socks when wearing my boat shoes, so they're not quite as "no-show" as they claim to be. They are otherwise comfortable and seem durable.
Ideal for Oakley Sliver plus cleaning coth.
These are actually really good glasses. They are light weight compared to my Ray-Bans, but they work as well.
Cheap shirts at a cheap price.
Nice pants for the price I paid - they're really comfortable and hug the ankles really well However, they are a little tight when you first put them on "new", but they tend to stretch out nicely to your lower body shape and become well-fitted over time - that is, until you wash them and they strink up again! LOL! Over all, though, nice pants for hanging out, working out, and "this and that" time in the Minivan! ;o)
My 7-year old niece just got glasses (she loves them) and this holder seemed rather ingenious when I went shopping for some glasses-care and -protection items.

She loves it and her glasses sleep peacefully in this every night. There's already enough to hunt down in the morning, so always knowing where the glasses are is great.

I was a little confused by what "magnetic base" meant in the product description. Turns out the cup part and the flat bottom piece part are separate pieces. A magnet attaches them them together. That gives it a smaller footprint if you want to take it somewhere (like pack in a suitcase).
This wallet is ok. The stiching is terrible and the overall quality is not expected from this brand. I would not buy again.
Length was way longer than what the tag size says
Got these for my wife on a whim. They broke within a couple weeks.
Absolutely love these!!!! So comfortable, dont pinch and cause headaches like some glasses. Block out all harmful rays. Great price and look nice! Will order again
Looks amazing and very shiny ! Everyone on the party said that my jewelry is very pretty
My niece got this for Easter. I got the 4-5 (she's 2 1/2, but wears 3Ts already, I wanted it to be something she could wear but also have for a while, so I went big). It was a bit big on her, but not so much that she can't enjoy it now! She loves it. It's soft and the hood puts the horn right at the top of her head. It's the first thing I've bought her that she wanted to put on right away. It's perfect! If this came in adult sizes, I'd buy one to match her. WE got the rainbow, and it's very pretty (more yellow than I expected, but a nice blend of colors). I'm glad I went with the larger size (she grows like a weed) so that I don't have to buy another one in a few months. But when she outgrows this one I'll get her another :)
Love this wallet, great price.
Everything I was looking for in a purse. Very roomy but not ridiculously huge like some purses. I love that it is rigid and maintains its shape instead of slouching over like my last several purses. Feels nice to the touch and looks great. Great price, definitely a bargain!
Happy that it fits
38's are way too big, I need a size 36
I bought this wallet for my grown grandson that constantly losses items from his old one. He loves this new one! Says, it has "class".
Perfect fit
Nice pair of glasses but after using them day to day. The outer polarization is rubbing away and now my glasses have black spots on the lenses and you can tell when looking through them.
Great Hat for Fishing in sun. Light weight
Too small.
Well made, well proportioned. I gave ten of these at a party. They were a great hit.éable