custom vans shoes canada

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Would have preferred a quality strap and less shiny fabric. Great design of compartments, style
The wallet is well made and I like the zipper feature. It is a little on the thick side when its in your pocket.
Nice athletic socks with lots of cushion. They fit the right size but they are snug, due to the elastic in the sock. I AM NOT SAYING THESE FIT SMALL. they just fit snugly against your feet.
Most of purchased necklaces are shorter than I like, so these extenders solve that problem. Quality is excellent. With three extenders to choose from, my chosen necklace for any given day will be repositioned to lay where I want it with the cut of the neckline of my blouse or shirt.
Product fits as expected. Got this for my daughter, for 8th grade graduation.
I rated these based off my expectations. Of course there are higher quality, more expensive options, but I was looking for plain old, regular, comfortable boxers. These are exactly that. Nothing fancy, nothing groundbreaking, just well-fitting, reasonably durable, everyday underwear. Also the colors were nothing crazy, if I remember correctly there were a couple shades of blue, gray, and black.
I've had a few packs of these. Pretty standard under shirts. These are way thinner than I've gotten in the past when ordering the exact same thing. Still decent shirts but they are basically see through they are so thin.
I bought it for Valentin's gift. My girlfriend likes the style.
AWESOME bag. I have never been able to find a purse with enough separate pockets. This one has that. I was so happy I ordered another one. Highly recommend.
Very flimsy and uncomfortable
I think its fit is a little small, stretch section is maybe a half inch, not too much. The button hole is barely big enough to get the button out - very. very tight. Pockets are mesh but not very deep - if the pants weren't so tight I'd worry the phone would slide out of the pocket while riding the bike. Only one Velcro strip on the pocket. They are cool and light - if they wear and don't shrink at all they are wearable.
I have always wanted an anklet and this one is perfect! Pretty sturdy I never take it off
very warm and comfy
Exactly what I wanted! It has a lot of places for cards, a coin section and 2 places for cash... Overall it's a great wallet! Exactly like the picture.
liked everything about it. Bought an extra large and it was an extra large ,watched it several times never lost its shape
Inexpensive replica of Sofia the First's amulet. My child LOVES this as is evidenced by the fact that she wears it constantly and I have already had to repair it 4 times. It was less expensive than the Disney branded ones so that's why I bought it. It's very pretty but again, has broken multiple times already. (the amulet falls off its attachment, but the chain itself is sturdy)
The shirt shrunk a lot during the first wash.
Nice feel and fit, I really like the buckle
This is a beautiful bag and I simply love it!!!
Perfect size and color
Liked the shorts very much will be buying other colors same style.
Bought this as a gift and the recepient absolutely loved it. A beautiful piece full of sparkle.
This bag is amazing. From the smell of the leather to the way its aging. Packaged fantastic! I absolutely love it, so much so that I just received the overnight/duffel bag from my boyfriend for our anniversary. Im a nanny so Im constantly shoving random bits in my bag. Ive pushed my purse to the limit and its just as amazing as it was when I first bought it! Better even, with age its more flexible and the color has gotten richer.
Nice and heavy at first. 4 months later the gold is all flaking, garbage. When clicking on return button it says my window is closed. Why does it say life time warranty?
I measured according to their chart, but was too large. I should have known better, but rather too big than too small. I folded up a handkerchief into the band and now it fits fine. The brim has a wire in it to help it hold its shape. I forgot a lot of hats had that when I was a kid. Color is more black or dark blue than brown, but the photo shows that. It's hot, but I expected that. It's for looks more than "cool comfort". Okay as a vanity buy.
Love with the bracelet stands for I have one very similar in black with some of the gold coloring. So I thought I would get one in total gold since they were 22 karat bangle bracelet I figured the colors would match they do however the bracelet is way too big rolls right off my arm and some of the gold already has chipped off not made very well
Article says these don't shrink... B*ll S#!7
Bought for mom and she absolutely loves them. No weighted neck thing and doesnt fall off