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Nice Tshirt to were under my dress shirts.
Good craftsmanship.
I was a little worried they would be too big. I wear a size 6.5 in women's. After one wash they fit perfectly.
Made very small. More for children then adults.
Comfortable & priced right.
I originally bought this for an 80's themed frat party. I thought it would be a one-time thing but I've surprisingly grown fond of these shorts. They are crazy comfortable and airy. Most guys my age would never wear these at the gym, but all I have to say is they're missing out. You definitely have to have some confidence wearing there as the material is really thin and short. Makes you feel kinda sexy lol. the only downside I guess is the lack of pockets. It has a small like pouch thing in the liner but you probably can fit maybe a key? I will be buying more in different colors. For size reference. I'm 5'10, #170, 30" waist, and 44 chest. The small fits perfectly, but I've got some booty back there, so the butt rear is a little fitted.
These are the only underwear I've ever owned that don't bunch up and create discomfort for my jewels. As others have mentioned, there is no seam up the middle that restricts your private parts like a lot of other brands have which would literally leave me in pain by the end of the day. Yes, these are a little "baggy" and aren't form fitting but I wear underwear for comfort, not fashion. Only one person really sees you in your underwear anyway, right? Try these if you are uncomfortable in other brands.
I actually bought this bag for my sister entering high school, and she loves it! It looks stylish and is sturdy enough to keep all your books and school supplies intact. Keep in mind though that this would work for you if your high school has lockers you can utilize. If you do have to carry all your textbooks and supplies with you (meaning your school does not provide lockers) do not get this bag. It is not large enough to give you the space you need. This means that I would not suggest this bag for college students who usually carry around many supplies. Overall, I am satisfied with the product! ;)
I bought this for my best friends and I on a girls trip. It was beautiful and had a sweet saying on it. Unfortunately everyone’s necklace tarnished the same day we put it on. It’s a cheap product that’s cheaply made. You get what you pay for.
These are great socks, it's all I wear.
Worked as advertised looks great
I love this bag! I get compliments on it everywhere! Highly recommend!
As described nice mostly cotton socks. Keeps feet cooler.
Love it for my runs.
Great material.
Must be adjusted and cut to fit. Great belt!
I bought this for mother's day and my mom absolutely loves the bag.
Sharp and clear at a reasonable price
This is a great wallet and I'm super happy with it. I love the slim design and it looks really cool. My friends already comment on it. The only reason I can't give 5 stars is because it is an elastic wallet, and unfortunately that means that every day it looses its elasticity and I will eventually need to buy a new wallet.
Fun to have these things in white for a change -- never found anything but black or tortoise at the drug store, where I used to pick them up. My nephews laugh about my use of this type of sunglasses, but if you wear glasses, they're great when you're going in and out of sunlight -- you can just flip them on top of your head instead of whipping off prescription glasses and putting on prescription sunglasses. They're also many hundreds of dollars cheaper than prescription sunglasses, and you can afford to keep extras around for when you misplace or eventually break them.

The lenses aren't quite as dark as some other pairs I've had.
Used this hat on three 4 hour hikes in the FL sun so far. This hat is cool, dries quickly, and keeps the sun off my neck and face. Stays on well and I forget that its on my head. I put sunscreen on my nose and base of my neck just incase but no sunburns yet.
Very nice quality
A well received gift.
B-Day gift for my mother (I'm 34). She was very happy with this gift! The size is noticeable, without being too large or too small (and she has a wide chest). Very pretty to boot!
I love my new wallet. The quality is very good and I like the idea of the RFID protection.
TO SMALL......
Great earrings I will continue to buy more for my granddaughter.
They fit great- no complaints!! I bought them online to save a few bucks. I am 5'11" and 190 lbs, and the larges fit perfect.
really nice bag fits a long wallet which is great some are too small for a checkbook wallet.
Love it! Could be bigger (I like big things) :-)
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