green Black High Top Canvas Shoes|tie dye shoes diy_diy dye shoes

tie dye shoes diy_diy dye shoes

Bought it to attend an NFL game and baseball games. Bigger than I thought, sturdy, and good price.
The sunglasses were as described. As expected, great Ray Ban quality and prompt deluvery
Love these boxers, Hanes knows their way around a man's nether region. Very comfortable and fit well, no riding up or bunching when wearing jeans or tighter dress pants. Easy to wash and the quality means they will last for a long time. The pack that I received had mostly red patterned ones than blue or green, which didn't bother me at all but if you want more of a color scheme for some reason this might not be for you.
Buen matetial y buen producto
Elastic bands separated from boxers when washed.

only 2/5 boxers still remaining due to this issue.
Loved the first order so I bought a second set.
Perfect work tees.
Exactly what was needed where the contents needed to be visible.
RayBan products are always awesome. I bought this as a gift for my friend and he loved it. Would definitely recommend to RayBan lovers.
Amazing! So glad I purchased these! Great for daytime or night. Came with a very nice case also. I recommend 100%.
Great fit and is exactly as expected
Jeans are very comfortable when bending over and squatting down. They are not stiff and tight like regular wranglers are, in the waist.
Loved both of mine at first. Now, with gentle use, they are both falling apart. I have to tie them daily to keep them from coming apart completely. I really wanted to love these.
Love these shorts. Great length. Simple great gym short. I would buy these again.
It was a price of crap.
I recommend this product!
Durable and comfortable
Fit fine; lost weight and was hopeful. Seemed little thinner than the Hanes I'm accustom to; we'll see how well they wear./
Meh. I know it was inexpensive but was hoping it wouldn't have been so obvious just from looking at it.
i love the swivel clips that hook on the belt loops instead of the clip types that clip on the back of your pants... by hooking on the belt loop the cold hard metal isn't touching your skin or digging into your back
the material hasn't frayed or snagged at all unlike all the other ones i've bought...
Great price, and great quality, fits perfectly. Arrived really fast.
The purse looks very professional and does its job.
Omg...I sleep in them. 💜💜💜💜
I liked the fit, comfort, and warmth.
It doesn't look like faux leather it's not soft it just looks like stiff plactic
Love how this bag fits everything I’m taking on my plane ride to Europe! Very secure and fashionable.
So I grabbed a XXXLT and it was massive. Not just big but massive. I usually need a 2xlt or 3xlt and these are way bigger than anything else I have ordered. Long and big so that's great for the guys bigger than me but it made it hard to get the right size. The shoulders are snug and around the stomach its still big. Its fine for the price as the material is pretty good quality.
I like Wrangler's fit and this pair is no exception. Quality is good and the price is right.
Fell apart after one wash didn’t bother to try to return. Just threw it away and found a new brand to try.
I'm happy with the initial quality and the color selection. I'd be surprised if these last more than a year with regular use, though.
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