green Womens I-shaped Tank|draw your own shoes_nike shoe design sketches

draw your own shoes_nike shoe design sketches

Quality is what one would expect for the price. Fun summer bag.
I wear a long sleeve shirt like this for working out doors in the sun! Keeps me cool and a great fit!
This is a beautiful ring! I wear a 10.5 and this ring set fits beautifully. It has a gorgeous shine. I am unable to wear my wedding ring due to breaking out so this ring I can wear until it falls apart. I am extremely happy with my purchase. I don't know how to attach a picture or I would.
They are very reasonably priced but are relatively short for a man with a big neck
They worked really well. Better than expected.
I love it! It perfect for what I needed. Enough space and I can conceal carry my 380 in the front zipper pocket with the holster so it has a good amount of space is just not a deep pocket but no problem there. I would buy again even as a gift for some one.
I have 10 of these t-shirts so I can wear one a day (under my dress shirt), and wash every two weeks. They are not high end t-shirts, but fit well, are consistent and feel like an old style cotton t-shirt. I just don't ever have to think about them -- which is a great thing.
If you are looking to stay warm, or even wear this as a jacket on cold days, this is perfect for that. This is NOT to be confused as a winter jacket but it's warm enough to use as one during a sunny Winter day. It has layers of fabric that feels very heavy weighted and cozy (like a bear-hug).... it's heavy. I would recommend this for someone who wants something 3x heavier than what Walmart or Target sells for Hanes hoodies. This is the hoodie you've been looking for or didn't think they would make this thick/heavy-weight. This will also save you money on your heating bill because this will keep you warm and probably may be too hot to sleep in. When they say heavyweight they mean heavyweight.... this can't be an item that stays in stock... I would grab it.
I bought them for a sharing tree gift. They only wanted the one color, so I have them a a few pairs and gave the rest to my daughters who look super cute in them.
Glasses not included with case
My Boyfriend Loved Them.. They Are Long Tho.. Good Material & Style.. Would Recommend
Happy with Vera products.
Absolutely what I was looking for and my cell phone fits in it.
Inexpensive and durable. Two things that these days are hard to find!
These jeans are nothing like the original 501 ridge. The material is flimsy and soft. The stitching is in white thread instead of orange. The color is more black than indigo. The deception of calling them clean ridge is disappointing. My husband uses 501's as work jeans so he buys them loose so he can comfortably bend and work. On the second wearing the front leg split from the pocket to the knee. I repaired that only to have the back leg split from the seam below the waist along the pocket midway down the pocket. This material is way too lightweight to use in jeans.
Very satisfied. I'm sure it will last a long time.
Comfy, the pack I got was similar to my old ones, but I needed some new ones. I absolutely love how Hanes doesn't have any scratchy tags. I feel good and free walking around the house. There is a fly, but there's no button, just the gap. So be careful around company.
Some of the most comfortable underwear I have worn for both casual and athletic activities
I am a carpenter, I work under intense heat on summers and this shades are just amazing. I dropped them more that 100 times already and they still hold on like the first day
Product is just as described.
I loved these sunglasses and they lasted me a month or so before they broke, but even though it was my fault, they where so cheaply made that it would have been find in any other situation. I left them in the cloth bag in my purse and then the metal part with the screw broke; not the screws falling out or the plastic breaking, but the metal snapping. I love these and I was so sad to see they broke in a way I can't fix em. They're really good lenses but you have to be careful with them. PUT THEM IN THE CASE!
Nice bracelet. Looks good, has held up to frequent use. Happy with product.
Heavy weight . Good quality . Color spot on.
Awesome purse everyone thats seen this purse wants to order 1
Just after I pulled this out of the box and was trying to set the time, one of the buttons fell off.
Exactly what I've been looking for, works better than expected, and the high quality leather has a great look and feel.
These are pretty darn cute for what they are I don't think I look like some old granny with blu-blockers on or like I've just come from cataract surgery.
great buy
Great looking and wash up nicely.
Great gift
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