Trendy 3, True Turquoise Women's All Over Print Zip Hoodie|modern design shoe rack_modern shoe closet

modern design shoe rack_modern shoe closet

I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. These shorts fit perfect. Length was right, waist fit as expected. Very satisfied with this purchase
Maybe go a smaller size. The ankle fits loose too.
A little tight.
Beautiful leather and color. Present for Xmas for my girlfriend. She loves it.
Very sparkly, came with extra backs, pretty, dainy, just enough bling to catch the eye, lightweight. Would buy more
Got exactly what I wanted. Fit well.
Its great
Great product, thank you!
I received these jeans on Dec 4th and wore them for the first time Feb 3rd, the button popped off in hand when I took them off. See attached photo. Unfortunately the return window on these jeans closed on Jan 31, 2017. This is the first time I have had a button on a pair of Levi's fail and I have been wearing Levi's for over 50 years. I have two additional pairs of 569 jeans in the same size that I have been wearing for over a year.
It would be great is something could be done.

The blue tint on the inside is very annoying
Goog product
I love them! I wore them to watch a football game and our team won! Bought a lottery ticket and won! They truly bring good luck!
Nice .....
It is good
This purse is as incredibly pretty as pictured! I saw this purse while running through Dillards and was going to purchase it ($148) but didn’t have time to stop and get it. When I got home, I decided just find it online and purchase it. Thank goodness I have Amazon Prime, I not only found it but at a lower price! I am one HAPPY lady! Shipping was fast too!
I am a large man... not easy to find the right size... I wear a 3X, and not every manufacturer carries my size.
Huh..Awesome. perfect clarity and style!
The baby has been received, the child is very happy and likes it, there is no error with the picture, the water resistance is strong, the time is on time, it is in line with the child's mind, and the watch is small and exquisite. It is also very lightweight. Sellers are honest and worth buying. Give five stars praise.
very well made
Very comfortable and fit as expected.
2XL shirts are great and look good. Washed once so far and held up fine. For the price, it's great.
I purchased 44 waist and 32 length . After washing these fit like a 42 waist and 30 length.
This is the first time I purchased this style of Carhartt pant. This is the first time I've had any issues with any Carhartt product.
The sunglasses do the job and are nicr quality. The only issue would be that if I tilt my head in a certain way then the glasses make everything around me even darker and colors change on certain things. I dont know if this is a common occurence. But they work well.
I wrote The company about the spf factor and this is their response:
Thank you for your question. All of our solar shirts have a minimum SPF ranking of 35. A couple of the colors rank higher (White for example ranks 58 SPF, and Black ranks over 50 spf). Color has an impact on the manner in which the sun interacts with the fabric. I know this is not an exact rating – we are working quickly with the SPF ranking group to get a more universal grade. Most of the colors are scoring in the mid and upper 40’s for SPF. As you can see we are wanting to be as precise as possible with a challenging color issue. We are working to address this issue in other ways as well.

The shirt ranks very well with customers for protection. We have received almost universal positive feedback. If for any reason the shirt does not meet your expectations we can provide you with a full refund. We hope this information is helpful and you enjoy the shirt.
Perfect fit! Perfect price!
These are great shorts. They wash up and don't shrink and fit as expected. I'm very pleased with them and like the first one so much I bought a second pair.
Doesn't seem like it was put together well the person didn't care how it look at the bottom
Very pretty. But, color is a solid crystal with no coloring unlike pic looks on their site. But, still pretty and will reflect colors of your iutfuts since it has the Swanowski crystals ...which are beautiful!
So I only actually bought this online because I couldn't find a green hoodie that wasn't a zip-up anywhere near me. I tend to break zippers because I wear my jackets literally to death, so zippers was a deal breaker. Believe it or not, Amazon was the only place where a decent lightweight hoodie was available in dark green.

In the end, I was super happy with this purchase. Ibought a size up because I wanted it to be really baggy and got exactly what I expected. The fabric is really sturdy but not overly heavy. It was a little stiff right out of the package, but a run through the washing machine fixed that and left the interior soft and fuzzy.

Be aware that it does shrink a bit in the wash, so if you didn't buy it a size up, you'll need to stretch the fabric a bit to wear it in.

This is something I would seriously recommend, buy again, and get someone as a gift.
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