Purple and yellow design White EVA High Top Canvas shoes|adidas shoes new_best adidas.shoes

adidas shoes new_best adidas.shoes

There wasn't anything I didn't like I bought these to my little granddaughter and she had one pink choker and she loved it so I had bought her a few more from another company which they claim delivered it and I never got it so I ordered these for my granddaughter she's seven and so she absolutely loves and thank you for creating such an awesome product
Love the color and fit great.
just want I wanted
What I like most about this product is being able to wear it and be comfortable. Regular masks have straps that tug on the ears and constantly have to be readjusted. BALACLAVA keeps it simple and that's really important to me.
Great sunglasses.
love the fabric; and love the shape of the bag; I wish it was perhaps 1-2 inches larger in all dimensions...
Love it
A little hard to get in the lobe, but once in, they look great! Exactly what my daughter was looking for in size and style!
Great product for what it is, but unfortunately it will stretch out after two months.
There are special features with this hat that I have never found before. I have a big, fat head that takes a 7 3/4" hat. Most department stores and big box stores carry extra large hats, but all of them top out at 7 5/8". Trying to wear one of those sitting on top of my head makes me look like more of a dork than I already do. Baseball type caps with the adjustable snaps in back fit fine, but do not provide sufficient sun protection.

The Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat comes in varying sizes. In my case the XL fits heads from 7 3/4" to 8". It does not slop around on my head even though it can fit a head up to 8". On the back of the hat just above the brim there is an adjusting piece. You simply draw it tight enough to fit the 7 3/4" and it locks in place. It never changes the size unless you redo it. It is the first hat I have owned that has that feature.

Another benefit and perhaps the most important is that is extremely comfortable. The venting in the crown allows cooling and it is lightweight. The brim provides superb sun protection for the neck and face, and the hat material itself carries a 50+ UPF rating. With the beginning of a bald spot on the back of my head, being in bright sunlight can cause severe burns to my poor noggin, and rubbing sunscreen in my hair doesn't feel too cool.

We spent a week at DisneyWorld, Orlando, FL, and by wearing this every day I had absolutely no problems with burning or having an overheated head. It worked just like Disney...MAGIC!!

Arriving home, the hat had gotten a bit dirty from handling. I threw it in the washer with a load of clothes and it came out looking like new. All that was needed was to place it on a stand to make sure the hat maintained its shape.

To top it all off, the hat carries an Infinite Guarantee. It is guaranteed forever.
Where have these been all my life, I love them. Work great, my shirts look great again....... Thank you.
good fit and good quality at a great price.
Nice wallet !
Soft material, fit as expected. These are the same style/brand of beaters that I've worn for years, and when they finally needed replaced, I wanted the same ones. Sometime over the last few years, the company incorporated elastic into the bottom hem by the waist. The elastic seems to do the opposite of what it was made for, and ride up over the course of a day causing me to have to pull it back down.
The socks were a little tighter than I expected. I am using them because of a very recent total knee replacement. So it was a bit painful getting them on, but once they were on, they seem to help with the swelling without creating any hot spots.
I LOVED this purse at first and was hoping to make it into my everyday bag for work. In the beginning it was great but after using it for about two weeks the top handle broke (the seam came undone from one side). Then, a few days after that, one of the backpack straps broke off, too. I do not carry much with me and did NOT weight down the bag. I have never had a problem like this with any other bag so I refuse to believe that I had simply put too much strain on it. It is very cute and looks exactly like the picture, however, do not think this can become an "everyday" bag as it will most likely fall apart. It is very cute and it felt sturdy everywhere except where the straps connect to the body.
I bought 2 pairs and got compliments on both. The gold and silver look so good on me.
fit well soft wasteband
Loved this bag, exactly what I wanted. The zipper to get into is closest to your back- hard to get used to, but I actually love it- extra security
The quality of the material was good. However, the length of the strap even at longest adjusted size was not very long.
Amazing wallet!
Nice glasses. They are very wide and fit was a bit too loose for me.
Very High Quality -- 5 STARS
I got these for my 22 yr. old son, he wears denim shorts while he is working. These fit him perfectly, and they are pretty thick, so you can tell they will stand up to some workouts. What I liked best about them, is that they look very slimming on him. He is pretty picky about his clothes, and I was hoping that he would like these.

He said that they were very comfortable, and he can not only wear them for work, but he can also wear them when he goes out with his friends, and he just wants to dress casual. The price is right for these as well. I highly recommend these Wrangler shorts.
Not warm and doesn’t stay up
Item is exactly as described
Instructions are very easy to follow
I'm really happy I got this- now I don't have to wonder where my glasses are when I get up in the morning. Glasses fit perfectly and are safe for the night
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