personalized t shirt usa

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personalized t shirt usa

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personalized t shirt usa

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personalized t shirt usa

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personalized t shirt usa

I downsized my purse for a smaller one and need a small wallet. This wallet it great!
Amazing i took to Versace store its authentic and EXTREMELY NICE
Best sunglasses ever!
My mom bought me this necklace in rose gold as a Christmas gift. I wore it Christmas day & it broke the first time I wore it. All I did was pick it up off of my neck to turn the cross back to the front (bc it had turned to the side) and it just fell apart. I did nothing at all to break it. It's almost like the link was already broken but hadn't come apart & then when I tried to turn it, it just fell apart. I wasn't worried bc I figured I could just exchange it. Until we looked on her account & I realized she bought it back in August off of my wish list & it was way too late to return it! We both learned a valuable lesson...don't buy gifts from Amazon ahead of time, wait until you're ready to give the gift. I'm so upset bc I reallly love this necklace. :(
I recently began looking for a slim style wallet to carry in my front pocket. I went with the Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve because of the stylish black leather, inconspicuous card pull tab, and RFID blocking ability. After a few days of carrying the wallet, I am very pleased. This wallet holds all my cards, sufficient cash, and is very compact. I would highly recommend this product.
Have you bought this same item at WALMART and thought, geez why don't they make XXLT undershirts.....BECAUSE THEY DON"T NEED TO. I am over 6'3" and found the same undershirt at WALMART would pull out of my waistband constantly throughout the day. Turns out that WALMART (to keep costs down) gets this item with 2" less of fabric, so of course their XXL undershirts are going to fit short. I placed the undershirts (Walmart and Amazon order) side by side after I ordered these from Amazon and saw the difference.

My undershirts stay tucked in now. Order these here, there isn't even much of a cost difference, but the shirts are completely different.
Super cute! weird paint smell
Love them!
36 is a little bit tight. Good quality
a little smaller than expected
Bought as gift for missus. Will update after her reaction.
thick comfortable sock nice quality
Right color fit perfect just what I order
Second pair - just love them!
Hat fits well, looks great and is of high quality material. For $15, Carhartt did a great job with this cap. Certainly recommended!
It held up after 2 months of use. I thought it would be cheaply made but it held up well. I throw it in my purse and accidentally scrape it with my keys and cards all the time, but still no scratches or rips. The material is pretty good for it's price. Of course it's not like the name brands quality but it's still good quality nonetheless. I highly recommend this.
Its nicer than the picture
Caps came in and they are not White as shown on the website... They are a cream color. Buyer BEWARE!
Liked the quality of the leather.

But the magnet is a disappointment.
Great product
1 - Design. I ordered this product to be a slim wallet that could be worn comfortably in the front or the back of the pants. It is thicker than a tri-fold wallet, so not slim or minimalist whatsoever. The gimmick of the quick card access slot adds a lot of bulk, and makes the wallet rigid, so it looks like a small brick in your pants.

2 - Tracker. I got the wallet with the tracker. It is completely non-functional. The corresponding app has less than 2 stars on the Apple Store because it has such a poor user interface. The tracker alerts your phone via an audible tone every time you walk away from your wallet. Many times it will alert you while it is in your pocket. Way too sensitive. Even with your phone on silent mode, you need to silence the tracker via the app, which is not easy to do. So even if you are in a quiet place, or your home, with your phone on silent, an alarm goes off when you walk away. It is not a discreet alarm, so you will be embarrassing yourself or annoying your housemate often.

3 - Service. Obviously the wallet was not what I was looking for. I put my cards and cash in it, tried the app, and immediately decided it was not what I was looking for. I contacted there customer service and was told I could not return the wallet due to it being "worn". It was placed into my pocket once, for less than two minutes, and it was very bulky, so I removed it to return it. The wallet is in pristine condition. It had 4 credit cards, an ID, a few bills, and the tracker placed into it. They stated that placing those items in the wallet "stretched" the leather and it was now un-returnable. I placed less in the wallet than it advertises it can hold, and it rendered the wallet "worn" and "stretched" in their words. Poor design, even worse customer service.

Please don't make the mistake I did.
So far so good
the product was fine. the brand patch was crooked. not straight to the beanie. otherwise great product.
Never ordered this.
Excellent delivery time great package with a present inside the pact third time I bought this all my friends have one
They shrank more than they suppose to after washing.
Perfect for under work shirts and flannels
Dad loved it. Great wallet
Very nice! Lots of room for cards and 2 zippered compartments. Lightweight but durable.