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  • Clarion Alley

    design your own custom nike shoes



    “ to another city I make sure to search out some of these 'local flavor' type of spots to see what the area's” more

  • The 16th Avenue Tiled Steps

    design your own custom nike shoes


    Moraga St. between 15th & 16th Ave

    Inner Sunset

    “Now this is what I call Local Flavor!!! This is definitely worth the walk, as these tiled steps” more

  • Tom and Jerry’s House

    design your own custom nike shoes


    3650 21st St


    “I find it so strange how a local SF resident's house is considered a Yelp spot/Yelp review LMAO. However, I finally understood why or how because this house brings so much holiday spirit that we all could use!! I appreciate the home owner for letting locals and tourists come to his house and…” more

  • The Wiggle

    design your own custom nike shoes


    Lower Haight

    “Let's face it, this is a bike path. I think "local flavor" is taking things a little far. As” more

  • Balmy Street Murals

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    1-100 Balmy St


    “ some local flavor, admire art, and learn about some of the social issues that matter to those who live in this area.” more

  • The Glass Elevators

    design your own custom nike shoes


    335 Powell St

    Union Square

    “So, I went here not too long ago, couple months actually. (depends on what your definition of long is) Yes, it's only for hotel guest only with room keys. BUT! My friend & I lucked out & got on with a father & son seeking the same adventure we were & a hotel guest with keys! muahahhaha. The view…” more

  • The Secret Garden

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    23RD St And Harrison St


    “Got to see my friend perform here tonight on a Saturday! Super fun! Like 6 benches that fit about 5 ppl on each. One stage and lots of lightbulbs for shows at night!” more

  • Lands End Labyrinth

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    Land's End Trl

    Sea Cliff

    “Great way to relax and ponder a question. Go left down the trail at the trash bins and then up the cliff side. Windy! So be careful” more

  • Vulcan Stairway

    design your own custom nike shoes


    1 Vulcan Stairway

    Corona Heights

    “Clandestine... hidden... so 'local'... did this and Saturn on one semi-rainy day... It's wonderful to climb and appreciate the secret spaces of this special City, offering something for anyone. Bit steep? yes... Bit narrow? oh yes.... bit rustic and out of the way? But of course yes! and it's all…” design your own custom nike shoes

  • Filbert Steps

    design your own custom nike shoes


    Filbert St & Sansome St

    North Beach/Telegraph Hill

    “ like cambridge Oregon. Local flavor for a quick experience. Heres a quick tip: on a downhill walk, look like your surfing, I did and it look like it!” more

design your own custom nike shoes

I am very happy with my purse its actually bigger than what i expected! Very good quality. I love that it has the front zipper and an extra pocket and in the back it has 2 extra pockets!! Very happy
Nothing more to say than it's absolutely perfect! The style, the quality, the size, and the price!!
Perfect fit and great quality product!
I use this gaiter for my neck on motorcycle rides. It works good. Heavy bug season no longer leaves welts on my neck. This is a replacement for a similar product I was issued in 2003, and I hope this one lasts as long.
I love it really good quality wallet fits a lot in it.
Buckle keeps falling off of belt
I think this the 4th or 5th RB3030 I ordered in Amazon since 2005. I work in security and needs an eyeglasses than does not fall under any circunstances and this model fill that needs. Also I always find good price in Amazon.
These are great Face Masks. My wife and I share these so they will fit any size head. Machine washable. Plus they are usable for other things besides CV19. I use them to keep the dust out of my lungs when blowing the Woodshop down. I highly recommend
Great pair of sunglasses.
I wanted to reduce the size of my wallet and this one is really what I wanted. Simple and effective.
Christmas present
Husband loves these. Dont show under fitted dress pant. He says they really help his shirt stay down.
I ordered a medium and it fit well. It's thin and light weight material perfect for workouts or if you want to just relax at home in the summer! The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because of the price... wish it was cheaper but other than that nice long sleeve shirts!
Nice comfortable socks, nice cushioning, wash well and so far have lasted quite a while without any tears or rips. Not too thick and not too thin. Just right for any kind of weather.
I love the earrings
They help me feel safer to drive at night. I can see signs more clearly and soften bright lights from oncoming traffic. I can recommend these glasses
Image looks great but BEWARE ITS IS DOUBLE SIDED PRINT, same image front and back, not what I wanted. Also a bit uncomfortable under/around my eyes especially if you adjust it so the features line up with your face you'll have to roll it up under the eyes which plays a part. But again discomfort is minor! Thin so it looks great but alone won't offer much insulation but myself, I always intended to pair it up with and over top of an insulated gaiter anyway.
It's a medium sized back pack which I like. It's very stylish as well as functional. It gives you just enough room in the interior to take what you need, which works for me because I tend to take things I don't need.
My husbands new favorite board shorts. Good quality and fits as expected!
Good looking and fitting fadora.
Looks great larger than I expected, but very pleased.
nice shades... i just have to get used to them i think.. i feel they fit my face small, and id like to see how long they hold up... im in trades.. work outdoors and constant dust debris flying everywhere... need a good pair of polarized shades to work with... so far so good.. seem authentic...
Awesome product
Im very happy with it. Its the perfect shade of pink.
I get so many compliments on this necklace! Im always wearing it and havent had any issues with it changing colors.
Pockets too tiny and too shallow
things come out of my pocket very easily
fabric too thin
waist cannot be adjusted
High quality and comfortable!
The product is excellent, it makes fit right for everyone, and its easy to trim to fit.